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LEKKER BOATS // Discover the Damsko

Discover the Damsko: An all-in-one uncompromising boat that combines clean design, brute power, and typical Dutch “gezelligheid” to the waters. Visit our shipyard today!

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Ready to discover the Damsko 750? Get your hands on the wheel of a 350 horsepower machine and take an exclusive tour around the LEKKER Shipyard in Leimuiden, The Netherlands. Get inspired by boats we're currently building and put together your own dream boat in consultation with our team.

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Discover the Damsko 750?

In this video we explain what the Damsko 750 has in store for you. Michael takes you on a tour to give an impression of our boat, it's features and it's performance water. A must see!

Frequently Asked Questions

A test ride, what to expect?

Well, that's a difficult one to describe. Taking the wheel of a Damsko 750, powered by 350 horsepower, is a one-of-a-kind experience. We welcome you to our central located shipyard, in Leimuiden, only a drive away from Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam. There we take you on an inspiring tour along boats being built, run you through all available options and finally let you fire up one of our Demo Boats. With an experienced captain, we will make sure you get the full Damsko 750 experience. We have limited Test-Ride slots available and work with appointments only. All facilities are available.

What is the maximum number of boats built per year?

We have the capacity to build 30 boats per year. Half of this number is sold to customers outside the Netherlands.

A build slot explained.

Everyone's unique and has different tastes and wishes. We'll dedicate ourselves to build the perfect Damsko depending on your personality, needs and dreams. This personalized process is something we pride ourselves on. We produce a maximum of 30 boats per year, with an average lead time of 4 months. And yes, boating is a seasonal driven activity, meaning we all want to join the water when the weather lets us. To ensure our production to run smoothly, we work with build slots. This slot can be selected by you, based on the available slots we have to offer. The sooner you lock in your order, the more options we can offer on release.

Why do I need to secure a building slot?

Legends aren't born they're built. This saying also goes for our Damsko 750, which is handmade in the Netherlands by our team of dedicated craftsmen. Legends to be exact, who precision weld, meticulously paint and assemble every single Damsko with passion and the utmost attention to detail. With demand exceeding our production capacity we strongly advise securing your build slot in advance, to allow us to book your build and have you out on the water when it suits you best!